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Sonia Chand, BAis a clinical intern working towards her Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Adler University. Sonia’s professional interests as a counselor stem from her experiences with the National Autism Society and Autism Speaks, both dedicated to helping individuals and families of individuals on the autism spectrum. Sonia is very involved with the autism community, and she runs marathons for Team Up with Autism Speaks.

Apart from the autism community, Sonia partook in a social justice practicum that helped underserved immigrant populations. She got to learn about and experience the wide variety of challenges immigrant populations encounter when trying to adjust to a new country and new culture. Moreover, she got to see how such challenges impacted their mental health.

Sonia is passionate about creating a safe space, as to allow for people to fully be able to express themselves in a non-judgment and empathic setting. She is passionate about helping people with various needs, and Sonia is dedicated to helping people live to their fullest potential. She has interest a variety of theoretical approaches in her clinical training and education, including CBT, REBT, Gestalt, Adlerian, and Psychodynamic Theories.