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The idea of work-life balance can mean something completely different to everyone.  For some, it may mean being able to sign off and disconnect and leave work at work, for others this may mean having the flexibility to pick up your children from school, finish a work project at home, or take the vacation time you have been wanting to travel.  Balance may look different for you at different points in your life, when you are single may be different when you marry, or if you have children, as well as when you start a new career versus when you are nearing retirement.  It is no wonder more than one in four Americans report being “super stressed” since there is the constant need to juggle heavy workloads, while managing relationships and family responsibilities and somehow trying to squeeze in our outside interests. 

Are you ready to join us to learn ways to alleviate your stress and effectively manage your time?  We at
counselingspeaks are offering a free 6-week psychoeducation group that offers strategies and techniques that will equip you with better ways to navigate out everyday work life demands. 

Topics include: workplace culture, values, scheduling and making the most of your time, physical balance and emotional regulation, mindfulness, and self-care. 

Live the life you deserve: one of fulfillment, happiness, and satisfaction!

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